Monthly Sponsorship

It costs us $80 a month to fully support one girl. Select a profile, and then click "choose sponsorship" to select full ($80/month) or half ($40/month) sponsorship. To protect the privacy of the vulnerable girls we work with, we'll wait until you've signed up to share details like their names and photos. As a sponsor, you will receive quarterly updates about how your girl is doing!

One Time Donations


We're asking you to partner with us by making a one time donation to get our sponsorship program (and some of the girls) rolling! Many schools charge one-time enrollment fees, and there are assessments to be done, wheelchairs to be made (by one of our partners, using local materials), and uniforms to be bought. 

We need $5,000 by the beginning of August to ensure that all the girls we've identified are assessed and ready to start school in September. No matter how many years of school girls have spent out of school, we can make sure they don't miss another day!

We've raised $1,155 so far. Help us get to $5,000!